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Product Lineup


Our unique private label offering includes a broad variety of:

  • Unique sizes (Mini, Regular, Gourmet/Jumbo)
  • Flavors, including regional muffin development
  • Packaging types

Using premium ingredients and the innovation of our R&D team, we have developed unique flavors, sizes and inclusions for our loaf program. All made with fresh ingredients like zucchini or banana, our loaves are moist, tender and delicious. We offer various types of packaging as well, all customized for better on shelf presence.

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Our Approach

Building the muffin category by giving consumers a better muffin.

In just over 7 years, fgf brands has become one of the largest producers of fully baked muffins in North America. This success has been driven by the company’s singular vision to develop a better muffin by understanding the needs of today’s changing, discretionary consumer.

With a ‘product first’ manifesto, the focus is always on creating unique, high quality muffins. Produced using only premium ingredients

  • NO trans fats (in fact, we NEVER used trans fats)
  • NO hydrogenated oils
  • NO artificial sweeteners
  • NO artificial flavors or colors

The appearance and taste of fgf’s muffins are superior to anything else in the marketplace today. New flavors and toppings are always being created in addition to unique sizes and packaging options. We have led the creation of numerous products across North America. Our innovations include everything from creating the perfect muffin visual to developing a double deposit muffin that offers an entirely new taste experience for consumers. At fgf, seasonal innovation and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of how we do business!

Our list of customers includes both retail and foodservice customers. Some of our retail customers across North America are Whole Foods, Loblaws and Walmart. Some of our foodservice customers include Starbucks, GFS, Sysco and USFS.

Our People

We have a 6 person R&D team comprised of chefs, master bakers and food scientists. This level of staffing allows us to create innovative, high quality muffins on an ongoing basis.

Our Facilities

We make our custom formulated muffins at our facility in Concord (Toronto). That’s the passion you’ll find throughout our offices and facilities. You’ll see it in our obsession to innovate, bringing the best tastes and value to market. You’ll savor it in our dedication to customers, consumers and to every product.