fgf brands is leading the way in growing and developing the flatbread category across North America. Year over year, we produce the fastest selling flatbreads in the category.

Our product line up focuses on our Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads brand. Stonefire is on a perpetual journey to seek out, and create the most authentic, great tasting flatbreads the world has to offer. Join us to experience, celebrate and enjoy the best of authentic flatbreads (Naan and Pita). Stonefire Bakery is a family business with a simple mission – to make one of a kind, authentic flatbreads. Stonefire Bakery is part of fgf brands, a family-owned and operated bakery with over 40 years of experience.

Our Technology: Stonefire Authentic Naan is produced with a unique technology that reproduces the intense heat of the tandoor oven. This technology provides the bubbly, charred texture that is characteristic of these authentic flatbreads.

Check us out at www.stonefire.com